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Sparkling Image

If you’ve got the time… we’ve got the shine!

Sparkling Image Detailing LLC was founded in 2012 by automotive and detailing enthusiasts. We offer both mobile services and a fixed shop location outfitted specifically for detailing. With over a decade in the industry, we can take our passion for detailing to your vehicle, providing outstanding customer service & satisfaction, treating each vehicle with utmost safety, efficiency and effectiveness.


Our Services


Paint Correction

Whether your vehicle is brand new or years old, most will need some level of paint correction. Nothing ruins a beautiful car faster than a dull, scratched finish.

Ceramic Coatings

The most recent development in paint protection are products commonly referred to as glass or ceramic coatings.


Fleet Washing

Your business’s vehicle makes a statement. Having a clean fleet of vehicles can help enhance your public image while improving vehicle safety.

RV Detailing

RV are becoming more and more popular as Americans look to hit the road. Clean and protect your investment for years of use.

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Our Happy Customers

I had ordered a new car and I knew I wanted to have it ceramic coated. I had spoke with a friend of mine and he told me he had just bought a new white BMW SUV.  He told me he had taken the car to Sparkle Image.  He was totally blown away with the job that Joe did on his car. Joe did the entire truck including the interior, all the glass, wheels and more.

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